Writing like it´s Monday

Before I say anything else, let me just say thank you for all the love and support I´ve received since my last blog post, where I told you about my decision to go full time with my writing. It´s been amazing! I knew I had many awesome supporters, but the response has actually been quite overwhelming.

Okay then, moving on to today´s topic, or rather, what should have been this Monday´s topic. I´ll be the first to admit, sticking to a regular blog schedule can be tricky sometimes. Especially when you´re immersed in your fictional world, banging away at the keyboard, trying to get your bleeding fingers to keep up with your thoughts, struggling to get everything right at the onset without missing all the vital details that brings a story to life… Realizing you´re almost passing out, stars dancing in front of your eyes (which is okay when you write scifi!), after holding your breath for the last five minutes…

A little dramatic you say? Well, perhaps, but then again, I´m a writer. Occupational hazard… 😉

But really, the paragraph above brings up two points. First, I should focus on having a blog post ready before Monday, since Monday is a very good fiction writing day for me. Second, I should check out dictation software.

Dictation software? Why?

Simple. Most people talk faster than they write. Also, it´s a great way to avoid certain health issues many writers struggle with. Now, I´m young (some might disagree on that, but they can… Okay, back on topic!), and my hands/ arms/ wrists have never bothered me. But I´m in this for the long haul, and if there is a way to avoid injuries that may appear ten or twenty years from now, I think it would be stupid not to check it out.

So I did a bit of research, and found something called Dragon, which seems to be the most advanced dictation and voice recognition software out there. Actually, from what I can tell, there doesn´t seem to be an alternative, since Dragon is said to be miles ahead of anything else available. So the question seems to be whether to use Dragon or not to use dictation software at all.

I´m sort of on the fence about this though. Even though many writers love their Dragon, at least as many hate it, and wouldn´t touch dictation software even if they were paid to do it. It supposedly has a very steep learning curve, and there will be mistakes, since voice recognition is still in its infancy. Now, a few mistakes can be tolerated, even funny (that´s when you know your story has taken on a life of its own…), but if there are too many mistakes, editing will be a nightmare.

I´m planning to test it though, since the benefit would be SO worth it if I can make it work. I´ll report back underway, so stay tuned!

One thought on “Writing like it´s Monday

  1. vict o r biedrycki

    I have used Dragon quite a bit over the years. It has gotten a lot better. I even have it on my iPhone. I am a software guy that writes a lot of code every day. I am 60 and have been on computers from the beginning. Luckily I never had joint problems but I do know people that have. I bet they would’ve like to have used it. I would give it a go. I have a very heavy Pittsburghese accent and it gets good results. You can also give it commands. My two cents.


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