Updates on Covenant, Dragon and more

Okay, so we’re getting closer to the release of Covenant, book 2 in the Rift Saga. My editor and I have just gone through another round of edits and I expect a couple more rounds before it is ready. Then it´s all about formatting and publishing. If you want to make sure you´re the first to know when it´s out, make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter. If you´re not, just click the blue «sign up here» button above.

In other news, I had a breakthrough with training my Dragon yesterday. As some of you already know Dragon is the world´s leading speech recognition and dictation software, and I purchased it a while back, to see if it can help me get more productive. The first trials and errors were painstaking, and I´ve come close to calling it quits once or twice (and that´s the nice way of putting it…). But then I had a breakthrough. Yesterday I managed to dictate some 800 words for an upcoming novel in 15 minutes (!), which to me is beyond anything I´ve managed by typing. Granted, I had to spend some time editing afterwards, while the words were fresh, but still, it was an amazing experience. And today, just now, I repeated it. Now, I´ll probably not dictate as much as I actually write, since I still find dictation a bit stilted, and not as rewarding personally, but that may change. And either way, mastering the Dragon is a nice insurance for the future, especially when you think about all the wrist pains and other health issues that are typical for writers and people who work at computers a lot.

I also have a quick update on my book-in-a-month project. Last week I spoke about my personal NaNoWriMo, and I thought I´d share some of my progress here. I had to spend a lot of time on edits for Covenant last week, and my writing fresh words suffered a bit because of that, meaning I´m a little bit behind my schedule. So far I´m about 10-15% into the book, but when I do write I take pretty good leaps, so I´m confident I´ll reach my goal of finishing a draft by the end of the month. Especially now that my Dragons seems to have become more friendly… I´ll keep you posted!

Well, that´s all I have today. See you soon!

2 thoughts on “Updates on Covenant, Dragon and more

  1. Danny Taylor

    It takes time to tame a Dragon….slow but steady wins the race.

    Good luck with the new challenges coming up….we’re with you all the way!

  2. Jane lockwood

    I’m TRYING to buy COVENANT , but your links lead me nowhere!! It says ‘NOT AVAILABLE ‘ when I click it! HELP! I’ve read all your books, am on your e mail lists, etc, don’t know what more I can do to purchase your book at the reduced price!! I will be VERY upset if I don’t get the low price deal Andreas!! I eagerly await your response ! Xx


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