Time to fill the library 

Have you heard of SciFi Bridge before?

Well, a couple of months ago, a group of SciFi authors, including yours truly, decided to start something called SciFi Bridge. Sci-Fi Bridge brings you, readers and science fiction lovers, exclusive deals, new releases, and other exciting news from your favorite Sci-Fi authors – straight to your inbox! In order to celebrate the Bridge’s recent launch, we´re excited to bring you the second of four massive book giveaways! Some of you may have signed up to the first one, and now we´re doing it again!

Here´s something cool: with SciFi Bridge, everybody wins! We have several FREE prizes available for everyone who enters between March 20 and 27, plus the chance for 5 winners to receive 30+ e-books from Sci-Fi authors of every stripe.

1 lucky grand prize winner will also receive 30+ signed books, including two Star Wars Legends novels by Maya Bohnhoff, books by bestsellers Rysa Walker and Jennifer Foehner Wells—as well as a full series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, M. R. Forbes, and myself—and many more! Enter here:


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