Third excerpt from Legacy

Legacy is currently on preorder on most major ebook retailers, and can be found right here:

It´s time for the third peak at my upcoming book Legacy, the third and final installment of the Rift Saga. Today we´ll meet Dave. Looking through the Dave-scenes, I realized I have to be careful not to give away too many spillers in these snippets. I ended up with this scene, a pretty short one where Dave sees something that should´t be there. I wonder what you´ll see when you read it…

Dave looked away from his screen, and rubbed his eyes. He needed some air. He´d been working until late, as usual, and the compound was almost empty. Only the usual crowd of cleaning personnel, security, and a few other workaholics like him remained. He greeted one of the security guards as he walked toward the doors out to the patio. Outside, he drew a deep breath, savoring the mountain air. He enjoyed it here, and the amount of data he was to analyze was steadily growing, so he had enough on his plate.

A rumble drew his attention and he looked up, in time to see a fiery streak across the sky.

«Whoa!» he exclaimed. He followed the trajectory of the… whatever it was, and saw the impact couldn´t be far from here. He ran back inside. The security guard had moved on, so Dave ran undisturbed to his office, where he threw himself back down on his chair. He logged on and searched the latest data. Nothing. No trace of anything, even though there should be visuals, heat signatures, radar observations and whatnot. He refreshed the interface and tried again. Still nothing. It was as if nothing had happened.

Had he imagined it? Was he that tired? No, it was real, he decided. Something had streaked across the sky, right above the Frost observatory, the one place where nothing should be able to pass undetected. And yet, according to every instrument he checked, it shouldn´t be there.

But he had seen it.

He got his sweater and pulled it on. Then he laced his boots and stormed out the door. He almost stumbled upon the security guard, who was making his rounds.

«Did you see…» he began, but stopped when he saw the guard´s face. He hadn´t seen anything, Dave could tell. «Forget it,» he said, «I´m going for a walk. Need some fresh air.»

Outside he checked his tablet, and plotted in the course to where he thought the thing had landed. It would take him a while to get there, but it would be worth it. He had to see for himself.

What could it be? A meteorite? A small comet? An airship going down? Dave had no idea. But as he began walking he knew he´d soon find out.

Legacy is currently on preorder on most major ebook retailers, and can be found right here:

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