The Future and Santa Robots

I had a wonderful discussion with my six year old son today, about the future, and about thinking and speculating about the future. It’s interesting how a six year old thinks about these things, and how much though he has given it. And how his perspective made me think about my writing.

He said that when you say something about the future, you lie. Because it is not something you know to be true. Then he elaborated: If someone tells you there are real Santa robots, that’s a lie. But in the future, someone might actually create a Santa robot, and then it’s not a lie anymore.

You cannot know the future; you can only speculate. And you can plan, based on assumptions of how the future is most likely to look like. In the immediate future that’s hard enough, but when it comes to Santa robots, well, that’s a bit more difficult…

The future isn’t something that just happens. We can all play a part in creating it. Sometimes someone, somewhere, thinks up the concept of Santa robots, and then someone else entirely decides to create one. Other times it’s simply that you decide to do X or Y in 2016, and then you follow through on it. Sure, things may get in the way, and unforeseen events may change everything, but X or Y is more likely to happen once you have decided to do them than if you hadn’t.

I tell lies for a living. My books are about possible (or impossible) futures, just like my son’s Santa robots. Lies told to entertain and to give food for thought. Some of those lies may not stay lies forever, but that is one thing none of us can know. For 2016 I plan on lying a whole lot more than before, and I hope you will enjoy the lies I´m going to tell you.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “The Future and Santa Robots

  1. Danny Taylor

    Thanks for sharing the thoughts of your young son….I love this!

    There is so much to be said for the future and why it happens the way it does,….lots to think and discuss!

    Wishing you and your’s a very Happy New Year as well!

  2. Sandy skibo

    Thanks for sharing parts of your life with us. I think robot Santa’s is a cool idea.
    have read practically everything you’ve written , staying get up past my bedtime til I fell asleep with my nose in your novels! I’m looking forward for you doing more on the tunnel.
    How to check up on you all the time on Twitter ( coolbreeze 20716). Keep up fantastic work. Thank you again for transporting me into another world


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