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I hope summer is as good to you as it is to me! At the moment I´m enjoying some time off with my family, and besides a few hours here and there I´m having a break from writing. Although my fingers itch to get back to the keyboard every now and then, I know taking a break is a good thing, which will make my writing so much better, once I get back on the horse. Besides, I´m doing a lot of thinking, and though it´s too early to tell you everything, I can say that I´m mixing up my schedule a bit to make room for a new project. A big one. Hopefully you will agree with me that this will be great, once I´m able to tell you all.
But right now I have other news for you.
Legacy, the third and final book in the Rift Saga, is being released on September 20th.
You can preorder it from all the major ebook retailers right now and have it sent to your reading device on release day.
I know, I know, I said it would be out this summer. Well, technically summer lasts at least until the end of August (at least that´s how we count things here in Norway; I´ve heard it´s even later in the US), so it´s not that much of a delay. But that aside, I feel it needs more work. And if there´s one thing I will not compromise on it´s the quality of the story. I think you´ll agree with me that it´s better to wait a couple more weeks than to have a book the author isn´t quite ready to release yet.
If you haven´t yet discovered the Rift Saga, I urge you to go ahead and download Rift, the first book today. It is free and if you´ve enjoyed some of my other books, this one might just become your favorite. I usually don´t compare my books to others, but Rift has been described as “Hunger Games on steroids”, which of course is nice to hear. It is also one of my best reviewed books.
Here are the links to download Rift:
I´ll let you know as soon as Legacy is out, and if you´re impatient  I´ll release a few chapters in advance while we wait, right here on the blog.

2 thoughts on “Preorder Legacy now

  1. Kim Osterbrock

    I just finished the Exodus Trilogy and the first two books of The Rift. I can’t wait for Legacy! I’ve never read five books in a row by the same author and would have kept right on if the sixth was available. Keep them coming, please!

  2. David Fox


    Judt finished The Exodus Trilogy. Feally good, resented putting it down for the routine of life, eating , walking the dog, shopping, sleeping etc. However noticed that the security forces of Fort Andrew had dogs. You had earier mentioned that the animals would be brought down when the colony was established in the future. With the numbers of cryo units being at a premium for humans, I would have thought that dogs would have been part of the frozen sperm content of the cargo and surely they would have needed face masks which would have made some of their uses as security dogs questionable. Indeed after the three youngsters exposure to the parasite. introducing dogs would be the last thing the colonists would have considered.
    Doesn’t detract from a very good story it just niggled me a little.
    I’ll be readinf the Rift soon, secure in the knowledge that I”l be hooked from page one.


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