Now, this is a real map

As we speak, I´m in the final days of writing Impact, so I´ll make this a very short post. (and yes, I did miss the first deadline from my editor, so I´m gunning hard for the next!)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this little sketch, a map of the Covenant. The same week I hired an artist, Maria Gandolfo, of Renflowergrapx, who created a proper map for me.

Alright, that´s it for now. And if you haven´t got Covenant, Book 2 of the Rift Saga, it´s live on every major ebook retailer. You can find most links here.

6 thoughts on “Now, this is a real map

  1. lynda johnson

    I enjoy reading your books. It is very easy to get pulled into your characters. My only criticism is that I miss out on what happens in the time between books.

  2. John Edwin Blackman III

    Hello, Andreas, My friend. You are doing a STELLAR job. You have been my favorite author since I read the Aurora series. And I think everyone would love to see the series continue. I know you don’t want to be typecast. But, it was your baby, and your best writing to date. I’m not criticizing. I would never be so presumptuous. Just giving my thoughts. You will always be known as the author of Aurora. And that’s not a bad thing. I love your new works and read and review all your works, even if I’m reading something else. (Told you that you were my fav) keep on writing, brother. Just want you to know it’s ok to write more of your signature works and that it’s one of the most original pieces i’ve read in the scores of books I read every month. (the only upside to being SS Disabled) And I’m sorry if I come off as being someone who knows anything about everything. Lol. Be safe, My Brother. Trapper

    1. Andreas Post author

      Thank you so much, Trapper! I appreciate what you´re saying, and I do want to write more in the Aurora universe. In fact, today, while taking a break from the second Legionnaire book, I was just sketching out some ideas for what could happen on Aurora some fifty years after first landing… 😉


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