Now, this is a real map

As we speak, I´m in the final days of writing Impact, so I´ll make this a very short post. (and yes, I did miss the first deadline from my editor, so I´m gunning hard for the next!)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this little sketch, a map of the Covenant. The same week I hired an artist, Maria Gandolfo, of Renflowergrapx, who created a proper map for me.

Alright, that´s it for now. And if you haven´t got Covenant, Book 2 of the Rift Saga, it´s live on every major ebook retailer. You can find most links here.

4 thoughts on “Now, this is a real map

  1. lynda johnson

    I enjoy reading your books. It is very easy to get pulled into your characters. My only criticism is that I miss out on what happens in the time between books.


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