Map of the Covenant

When going through edits on Covenant, my editor had a few questions on locations, figuring out where the characters were and so on, and while a lot of that should always be clarified in the text itself, I found it really helpful to draw a simple map. And thinking about it, I´ve always liked having maps to refer to when reading something in an unfamiliar world. In fantasy maps are almost mandatory, but science fiction isn´t that different, in that the world is often not easily recognizable.

So I figured I´d show you my map of the Covenant. Okay, this is definitely not art, and should I decide to include a map in my books, I would´t include this hasty little sketch…

So what do you think? Do you like having maps in your books? Do you think I need to include a map in Covenant (if so, I´m in hurry…)? Would you like a map of Aurora, perhaps?

Feel free to comment!

6 thoughts on “Map of the Covenant

  1. Chris

    I am definitely for the map. One of the things I appreciate about Terry Brooks Shannara series is that from the outset he had a map included on the from cover of the book. I like to know whereto characters are going and how far apart the locations are so I can understand why it takes them a certain time to travel from one place to another.

  2. Danny Taylor

    Maps, diagrams and any type sketch is welcome to me.
    I know it adds to the cost of publishing…but I do not mind paying for them!!

  3. David Browne

    Yes please… a map is always useful to help visualise the story and the action. The obvious comparison would be Lord of the Rings maps but also the map for the Land in Stephen Donaldson’s The chronicles of Thomas Covanent the Unbeliever and even the visual guide to the castle in Roger Zelazney’s Amber series are really helpful and good.

  4. Coolbreeze20716

    Great idea! I really like to see where everyone is located. Anne McCaffrey had maps in her dragonriders books, as did LOTR. Thanks to you I get to visit all these worlds you create. I just started reading Rift, but this late night reading til 1 in the morning has got to stop!!!


    Love maps as a reference points. If it isn’t too late, one in COVENANT. If not, one for AURORA would be awesome! Thanks for including us in your ideas!


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