Impact update 

Okay, so I’m having to delay Impact for a few weeks. It’s all written, but the manuscript needs more work than expected before it’s ready to send off to my editor. I’ve discussed this with her, and we’ve agreed that it’s better to suffer a slight delay now, rather than having to work on a manuscript that’s strictly speaking not ready.
Having said that, I do expect to have it out by the end of January, although I should know better than to make any promises. But with all the plans I’m working on for 2016, it better be… 🙂
Well, I know I’m looking forward to a few days off with the family, and I suspect quite a few of you are too. So unless I see you on Facebook or Twitter, I just want to wish you all a happy holidays!

And if you haven’t, go buy my books! 😉

2 thoughts on “Impact update 

  1. Bob Folsom

    Andrus. Did you get my offering of recommended changes? I got an error message yesterday of one of the emails i sent to you but it was all in code so i couldn’t tell what it was about I still have my notes and can resend it if I need to. In your service
    bob folsom

    1. Andreas Post author

      I got it Bob! Replied as well, but it seems it was unreadable for some reason. Really appreciate your comments, and I’ll go through everything as soon as I get back home. Thanks for helping me out with this! 🙂


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