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Short and sweet post today folks.

Impact is off with the editor, and while I await the manuscript, I´m already working on my next book, which will be Legacy, the third (and possibly the final) book in the Rift Saga.

Impact is set to release on May 10th, and you can preorder it right now and save a buck. You can find links to all the major ebook retailers here.

I had some amazing help with finalizing the manuscript before I sent it to a professional editor, and I´d like to say thanks to my beta readers Bob, Alice, Alison and Lacy, who did a tremendous job helping me make Impact so much better than I could have done alone. Also, I´d like to thank Nick, who helped me get everything about the Oxford setting in the prologue right.

A few months ago I blogged about my writing process, and I´ve experimented wildly these last six months. Some things have worked out really well and some have failed completely, but I´ve learned a ton. As I write Legacy, I´m taking comprehensive notes, and I hope to be able to put it all into a detailed post (or a series of posts) once the book is out. I think I´m much closer to the streamlined process I´ve been trying to achieve now than I´ve ever been. So, as I just said, more on that later.

That´s it for now, have a great day!

One thought on “Impact preorder

  1. Mike Davies

    Have just read an advance copy of Impact, the book covers people and events from the 1st book of the Exodus trilogy, and while well written serves up no new themes. As with the book Genesis the twists are saved for the epilogue. While the story is ok as a standalone it would be better read between Exodus and Aurora.
    Nevertheless it is an interesting less violent take on the end of the world, and an easy read


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