Impact is out!

I´ve been looking forward to this day for a long time, and finally it is here. Impact is now live and for sale on every retailer, and you can find all the links by clicking the cool blue button below! 🙂

In 2072 an object from outer space was discovered that threatened human civilization. A race against time began, and in 2080 the starship Exodus left Earth orbit, saving a small piece of humanity.

This is the story of those left behind.

Ever since I wrote Exodus, which was my first published novel, I have known I just had to write this book. And although it is not an “official” part of the trilogy (well, it wouldn´t be a trilogy if it was), this book tells a crucial part of the story, namely “what happened to those who had to stay behind?”

In Impact we get to meet old friends like Joe Buchanan, John Rawlins, and Ed Walker, but also a few new ones, such as Kirstie Holden, scientist and grandmother, and Jenny Salinger, waitress and aspiring novelist. We also get to know some of the minor characters from Exodus, such as Mark Novak and Robert Marsden, a lot better.

Impact is the book that connects my two series, the Exodus Trilogy and the Rift Saga, and really bridges the gap. If you´ve read the Rift Saga it might provide answers to questions I´ve only alluded to in the other books.

For a limited time Impact is priced at $2.99 (regular price: $3.99), and here´s where you can find all the links again:

(The paperback edition takes a little bit longer, but I expect to have it out within a month or so.)

Have a great day!

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