Going full time

I’ve got some pretty big news today.
At least for me it´s big.
Incidentally though, if you like my writing it might be for you as well.

I’m going full time.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve decided to quit the day job, with its steady pay and benefits, in order to make a living off of my writing.

Some may say I´m taking a huge risk here, but then again, what would ever have been accomplished without taking risks? It is not as if I´m jumping blindly, and I might have taken this chance before had it not been for my responsibilities. I´m not going to go into lots of detail on this, but let´s just say for the last six months my income from writing has surpassed the income from the day job, with good margin. And now the main benefit of going full time, aside from being able to pursue my dream, is that I´ll free up a lot of time. That means more time for writing, and hence, faster publication.

I´m freeing up a huge chunk of time here, which means more books, faster! 🙂

I still have a few more weeks to go before I´m leaving the day job for good, but the decision has been made, and I´ve given notice at work.

So there it is. From my first published words in late 2011,  it´s been almost four years of ups and downs, from a handful of sales (presumably to friends and family) that first year, to reaching the Amazon top 100 paid list for a few days last year, various genre bestseller lists every now and then (and actually reaching no. 1 on several of them from time to time), and landing an audio deal with Podium Publishing this year.

It´s been an exciting journey so far, yet somehow it feels like I´m just getting started.

I´m going full time now.

And it feels good!

15 thoughts on “Going full time

  1. James Jahns

    Andreas congratulations my friend, I absolutely love your work and I think you will do great. I am a disabled veteran and of course our VA refuses to pay me what they owe so I am on a low fixed income, however, I allow myself a new book purchase every couple of months and I will definitely search out your work. The Exodus series is the best series I have read as far back as I can remember, the characters are great and diverse and the scenario is very plausible, thank you for an awesome reading experience. James (Bo) Jahns.

  2. Tom


    “the last six months my income from writing has surpassed the income from the day job, with good margin”
    That’s just great to hear. That also makes it sound like it’s not too great a risk. Sounds good!

    Super that you made the choice. I’m stoked for you. Congratulations 🙂


  3. Josie

    Congratulations!!!! Big step, but worth the wait to be at the point to do what you love and make money at it as well.

    I have enjoyed the books in the Rift saga thus far and look forward to the world that is created as you write further.


    1. Danny Taylor

      As a fan from the first, I’ll be a fan to the last and with that….I wish you the very best with success to surpass your wildest dreams.
      You will have plenty of support from us and we will be there to help in anyway possible!

      Love your work and your attitude toward your supporters!!

  4. Barbara F.

    Wishing you the best of luck. I love the Exodus series and will continue to follow. Looking forward to futures stories . Keep them coming!

  5. Chris Ehlers

    Absolutely love your writing style and imagery, so am excited by the opportunity to have more of your books to read. I hope and pray that it will provide for your family in the years to come. You’re taking quite the gamble, but know that your fans will be there to support you.



  6. Charles Bowen

    Thank you for the reading pleasure to date and thank you, in advance, for an even greater pleasure …more often. Cheers from one of your first (paying) readers.

  7. Sandra Freeman

    You’ve only just begun and so much lies ahead of you! Even though it’s taken a fairly long time to get this far, you’ve reached the point where it’s not a dream anymore – it’s your reality! You’ll go far and will be one of the names up there with Poul Anderson, Zelazny (one of my all time favs) and all the others who have climbed this mountain before you. Congratulations, so happy you’ve finally gotten to the point where you’re fulfilling your dream – and giving us a lot to look forward to, also. Keep them coming and we’ll keep reading them!

  8. Manuel

    Hi Andreas.

    I am a reader from Portugal. I loved the Exodus Saga, I have also read the Alive and I am dying to see the next Rift book. I hope with all the extra time you can finish it soon 🙂

    Good writting and congratulations on your decision.

    By the way, I had never bought a book before on apple store. Aurora was my first after I was so caught up with Exodus.

  9. Andreas Post author

    Thank you, all of you! I appreciate all the support and good will from readers, friends, family, co-workers, fellow writers – every single comment, whether here on the blog, on social media, or offline has been positive and supportive. It´s amazing to see this! Just amazing! 🙂

  10. Wes Gross

    You’ll not be sorry that you quit the day j o b and put your talents to their highest and best use. I just read your book, Exodus, and your companion novella, Alive. I’m impressed with your style and will happily purchase your works from here on. Glad you’ve recognized the insidious evil of big government and what can transpire when free people trade their freedoms for security. They end up with little of both.

  11. David J. Wagner

    Congrats Andreas! I look forward to reading more of your work quicker than before. I get a lot of enjoyment reading your novels. Keep the fire going. I am especially proud of my character in your latest trilogy. I hope he does me well!


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