Getting ready for Explorer

For a while now, I´ve been working on this novella, a Genesis companion novella to be exact, where we revisit Aurora, the planet where most of the Exodus Trilogy is set. I had to rewrite it several times because I just could´t get it to work. Some of the issues I struggled with had to do with major traits of certain characters that just didn´t fit with the Trilogy, others were questions of how much to reveal in a novella, since I plan to return to Aurora for another novel next year.

So it was a difficult story to write. But I also did a very interesting experiment of writing, because I involved a number of beta readers that far exceeded anything I´ve ever heard of. In fact, I had more than 200 readers involved in the process… And I got some very pointed feedback, both as to whether the story worked or not, which parts were engaging, which should be fleshed out, whether the pacing was too fast or too slow, and so on. I also got lots of feedback on spelling, punctuation  and grammar. It was fun to experience, although I might go with a smaller number of beta readers next time, because it takes a long time to do this! 🙂

I plan to release the story in July, despite the time-consuming process, and then I´ll return to my main project, which is the second book of the RIFT Saga. This is the book where the connection to the Exodus Trilogy becomes clear to most readers, I think… Just wait and see! 😉

For now though, here´s the cover for Explorer:


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for Explorer

  1. Danny Taylor

    200 betas is a lot….but I know you will work it out.
    Thanks for including us in your effort and we look forward to finished product soon!!!

    1. Lacy Croft

      Yes, 200 is a huge number. I’m sure you can quickly see which ones add value or not. Hard to work through though. Good luck. It was a pleasure reading the draft, can’t wait to see the final product!


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