Fourth excerpt from Legacy

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Sue is one of the main characters of this series, and I figured I´d show you another scene where you really get a feel for how desperate and helpless she has become. She´s in for a real struggle, if she is to find a way through this…

It was early afternoon, and Sue lay in bed, recovering from her latest headache, when the door slammed shut downstairs.

«Mom, what´s for dinner?» she heard her brother Jason shout. Her mother´s voice replied in low tones that he needed to lower his voice.

«Susan´s upstairs,» she added, and Jason´s voice became a low whisper. She got up from bed, slowly, and put on a rope and slippers. Then she left her room and went to the bathroom. She passed the mirror, and a vague memory suddenly came to her. Initiation Day, she was standing in front of this mirror just hours before she was picked for janissary duty. Sue remembered being nervous, but excited, as if it was all an adventure. She had changed so much since then, but the holes in her memory prevented her from understanding what had changed her. She imagined things like being ambushed – twice- and fighting for her life and that of her friends would have something to do with it. She remembered the first one clearly, while the other, she only knew what she had been told.

Sue shook it off, and soon she was on her way downstairs. She met her mother and brother in the kitchen, where Jason was helping cook a pork stew. It smelled delicious. They never had such good food before, but her janissary pension helped. She was glad she could help her family out, at least with money. Her mother only had about three years left; at least they would eat well, now that they didn´t need to worry so much about money. The pension went a long way around here.

«Susan, you´re up!» her mother said and hugged her. Sue hugged her back, while Jason grinned at them.

Sue went over and hugged Jason as well, and he squirmed to get out of her firm embrace.

«Come on, let me go,» he said. Sue laughed as she released him.

«You´re so cute, Jason,» she teased.

«I´m not cute. Get it?» he said, drawing himself up. At ten, he was determined to be treated as an adult. Well, at least as an adolescent. He was after all, the man of the house. And Sue let him keep it up. After her Service and the injuries that had almost killed her, she realized how much she depended on her little brother. Sure, they argued, and he could be an annoying little brat, but she loved him. And in a few years, he´d be the only family she had left.

«Okay, you´re not cute,» Sue said. «You´re the man, Jason.» He turned away, and although she suspected he understood the joke was on him, he seemed satisfied. The man of the house.

«Are you feeling better?» her mother asked, and Sue nodded.

«I can´t go on like this, Mom. I´m going crazy. Besides, I´m shaving off ten years if I don´t get better.» Her mother stroked her head and embraced her again.

«Shh, sweetie, don´t talk like that,» she whispered. «You´ll get better, you´ll see. Just be patient. Sooner or later you´ll get better.» Sue shed a tear that had slipped through her armor.

«But I can´t live like this!»

«You won´t honey, it´s just for now.»

«But what if this is it?»

Her mother didn´t reply.


Legacy is currently on preorder and can be found at most major retailers.

Click here to find all the links!

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