Final excerpt from Impact

With less than a week to go before Impact launches, I have one final scene for you. This takes place about an hour before Impact, and we get to meet Ed Walker, whom you may remember from Alive.

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Here´s the final excerpt from Impact:

Ed Walker was watching TV, chuckling. The old cable was still reliable, even though the satellite TV was down, due to the atmospheric disturbances. Now he was watching as every talking head, every commentator, everybody who had an opinion on anything made their projections, shared their views and their ideas of what was about to happen. He checked his watch, and compared it to the countdown timer on the bottom of the screen. Less than an hour to go. For the last few days he had been loading up his basement with canned foods, tanks of water—anything he could think of that that could be useful. The TV had to stay up here in the living room, though. The reason for leaving the TV up here was something laughably simple: he did not have a long enough cable to connect to the wall. He had no outlet in the basement, so he would watch from the living room, until the last minute.

What is everybody else doing? he thought. The streets were empty, not even the straggling looters were out there. He wondered what had happened to his ex-wife, not for the first time, and he chided himself for even caring about the woman. She had been unfaithful. She had run off with her lover. She had left him. She didn’t deserve his concern, and yet…

The two things he had decided not to bring down to the basement were his last six-pack of beer and the contents of his small bar. After the accident, he decided not to touch alcohol. Not that he thought it made much of a difference, but somehow, abstaining made him feel better, more alive. He focused on the TV.

“There is still no conclusive evidence that the breakup is, in fact, going to happen. We can only hope, since we all know that if it doesn’t, this will mean the end of us all,” one of the talking heads said.

“But we don’t know what will happen, even with a large impact. What we do know, is that people are now holed up, in every corner of the world, deep within their shelters, whatever they may be. Some may survive, but civilization as we know it is going to end.” Another voice, another point emphasized in grave tones.

“What about the rest of us? Do we stand a chance? Is there even a remote chance that those of us who are not lucky enough to have a place in the shelters can survive?” This was the voice of the people, where there was always someone thinking that what was about to happen as unfair, and saying so, loudly. Ed sighed. He’d had enough of all opinions. He just wanted to be alone, to hear his own thoughts.

“Well, that’s another thing we cannot—” click.

It was time. He got up from the sofa, looked around at his living room. Then he walked over to the stairs, and went down into his hideout.

It would be a long hour.


Impact is on preorder sale, and if you get it now you can have it delivered to you on release day. You can also save a buck! For all the links, click here.

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  1. David J. Wagner

    Andreas looking forward to reading Impact! Based on prerelease excerpts, I am anxiously awaiting the books release. It will answer questions I have had since the release of the series.


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