Exodus Trilogy audio edition

This is my first post here this year, and if we´re not connected on social media or via email, I´ll start by saying: Happy New Year!

Okay, so today I have a pretty cool announcement. The Complete Exodus Trilogy audiobook is now available for pre-order, and the official launch date is February 2.

This is my first audiobook, and I think Podium Publishing and the narrator, Jeffrey Kafer have done an amazing job turning the three books into a great listening experience. And in fact, listening to the book, I even discovered things I´d forgotten, little nuggets within the story, and it was almost as if I discovered the story anew. Top rate narration by an award winning actor, and the production is all about quality.

So I´m quite happy about this one! 🙂

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One thought on “Exodus Trilogy audio edition

  1. Sandy skibo

    This is great! I was thinking, this trilogy is SO good, I think they ought to make a movie… but that’s just my humble opinion!
    Maybe I ought to go and get an autograph from you before you become too famous hahaha! Thanks again, for your wonderful books. Sandra


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