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Today I thought I´d give you all a scene from my upcoming book, Impact. This scene takes place in Columbus, Ohio, where Robert Marsden, an FBI agent who appeared as a minor character in Exodus, is packing up the minivan to take his family out of the city. The idea is that if Devastator, the object that is bound to impact with Earth in a couple of weeks, leaves anyone alive they´ll stand a better chance away from the crowded city.

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Here we go!

Robert Marsden looked at the box of signal flares to his right, then to the can of fuel to his left. He had to choose, no way around it. The minivan was chock full, and they would even have to sit with their rolled up sleeping bags on their laps. Now he had room for one more item, and he didn´t have a clue what to leave behind. The fuel would come in handy, since it could be used both for the vehicle, when fuel cells were worn out, but he had already stashed three more cans in the trunk, while he didn´t have a single signal flare. He cursed silently, grabbed four flares and stuck them into his already fat jacket pockets, before he sat the box off to the side. Then he loaded the can of fuel, and eased the trunk shut. There. They were ready to go.

His phone rang again, but he ignored it. His boss was probably furious by now, and unless they hit the road soon, someone would come pick him up. The FBI didn´t accept shirking, especially now, in the face of disaster, and if they knew he was leaving for good, he would probably be incarcerated. He´d already heard of others, even from the local department here in Columbus, Ohio, who had been taken away to some undisclosed location, after being caught planning their escapes. The rules had definitely gotten tougher these last few years, especially now that they were nearing the end. Order must be maintained, the mantra was.

“Liv, kids, let´s move it.” he shouted, wondering if they heard him. The garage door was open, so they should. He checked his gun, strapped to his belt as always. It was fully loaded, ready for anything. If the FBI came for him, would he use it? That was one question he couldn´t answer. He´d served loyally for years, ever since he left college, and he felt like he was betraying not only his employer, but also himself.

But he had a family, and for the first time, he realized, he was putting them first, instead of the job. He grimaced. It wasn´t as if the entire FBI all stood staunchly protecting the nation anymore either. FBI Director Barron had disappeared, probably off in some bunker somewhere with the rest of the big brass.

“Liv! We haven´t got all day.” Robert shook his head in frustration; didn´t she understand what was at stake here? He stepped out of the moldy garage, and into crisp, cool daylight. His oldest son, Kevin, stepped out in front of him. At seventeen he looked almost a man now. You´ll be a full grown man by the end of the month, if you live that long, he thought.

“We´re good to go, Dad.” he said. Robert smiled. Kevin probably had both Anne and little Ryan in tow. As he looked over at the house entrance, he saw Ryan, at five standing with Mr. Teddy hanging from his hand and Anne, his ten year old diva, standing beside him. All the kids wore clothes made for camping and hiking, from their boots to their caps, but Anne wore hers just a tad more smartly than the boys. He had to fight a lump in his throat. No time to get sentimental. He nodded approvingly, and got back into the minivan. He reversed it out of the garage, and stepped out again.

When he exited the car, Liv had already come out of the door to stand behind the kids. She had been crying, he could see, and he felt bad for shouting at her. How did one cope with what might be not only the end of the world, but also the end of your own children, your flesh and blood? He had been pushing it aside for years, and he kept pushing it back. He was the agent, the father, the one who had to remain strong, no matter what.

“Alright, let´s get out of here.” he said, and watched as the others entered the minivan. Then he walked over and locked the door, before he got back in the minivan. He pressed “start” and the engine began humming smoothly. He pressed another button, and the garage doors closed.

“Why do you bother?” his wife asked. Robert shrugged, and thought for a second.

“I don´t know. Who knows? Habit, I guess.” It wasn´t as if he expected to ever return. Even if they survived Devastator, they had nothing to return to. Still, it didn´t feel natural to leave with the doors unlocked.

They drove off, taking the shortest route to the interstate headed north.

Within thirty minutes they regretted not taking the side roads. The interstate was jammed, inching forward by a meter an hour, at best.

“I should have guessed.” Robert said.

“Everybody wants to get out of here.” Liv whispered beside him. It was funny, in a strange way, that so many were trying to flee at the same time. Where are they all running? He thought. Will anyone find safety, or are we all just going through the motions, to feel we´re doing something, anything?


Impact is on preorder sale, and if you get it now you can have it delivered to you on release day. You can also save a buck! For all the links, click here.

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  1. Sandy Skibo

    Okay now you got me hooked again!. Can’t wait for impact to come out I pre-ordered it of course. Thanks for the preview Andreas. I’ve really been inhaling these books . Take care.


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