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Sorry about not posting anything last week. I am 100% focused on writing at the moment, since Covenant, the second book in the Rift Saga is only a couple of days away from being sent off to my editor.

I have an excerpt for your guys, and today we meet Sue and Dave, who are on the run with a price on their heads, after uncovering several of the dirty secrets of the Moon people.

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Okay then, here´s the excerpt:

Sue and Dave were walking east now. They had a vague plan to cross the belt into the Covenant proper again, and find some place where there were good people, English people. Their people.

«Okay, so what do we do, once we´re there?» Dave asked. He realized their plan was full of holes, but however much they had discussed it, it seemed impossible to form any sort of plan that didn´t revolve around escaping their pursuers. They agreed they would have to do something, but what? Sue seemed lost in thought, so Dave tried again.

«How do we get people to know what we know? You know, that it is all a lie? That we´re killing innocent people?» Sue seemed to snap out of it, and shook her head.

«No idea,» she said. «We need to reach people first, people who will listen.»

«Right… And then what? Create an uprising? Revolt against our oppressors? Do you realize how naive that sounds? Shit…» Dave exhaled heavily. Sue looked at him and said nothing. The truth was, they both knew there was very little they could do, even if they had exposed the true nature of the Moon people. The English were used to being ruled, told what do do, and obediently serving their masters. Changing that would take more than two teenage fugitives´words.

Still, though much remained to be thought out, at least they had some kind of plan. They would keep moving east for a few more days, and then find a way to cross the belt, the stretch of land separating the Corpus lands from the Covenant proper, and find safe haven somewhere. They had no idea what to do next, but at least that beat wandering aimlessly with a price on their heads.

«Get down.» Sue suddenly said, in what was too loud to be a whisper but too quiet to be a shout. Dave hit the ground, finding cover in a low brush. Sue pointed quietly, and Dave saw them.

A patrol. He shivered, as he for the first time saw the Corpus headhunters he´d heard so much about. They all had shaven heads, with characteristic tattoos snaking across their faces and scalps, piercings everywhere. One of them wore cut off sleeves, and Dave noticed the patterned scar covering his muscled forearms. Sue and dave lay completely still, and Dave found he was holding his breath. Were they hunting them or just patrolling the area? No way to tell, but he assumed the worst.

A dog barked. That was bad news, but not unexpected. The headhunters apparently bred dogs that would tear a man´s arm off, or worse, fast, mean creatures meant to hunt and kill escapees. If they had one, or more, of those…

In the corner of his eye, he saw Sue clicking off the safety on her assault rifle. He did the same with his small sidearm he´d taken from the airship pilot back when they fled the Wardens.

He held his breath again. The patrol were passing them, and so far they hadn´t seen them.

One of the dogs began barking fiercely. Dave realized the wind was blowing away from them. Bad luck.

«Hold on, they may not…» He whispered, but cut off. Too late. One of the headhunters barked a sharp order, and the rest of them fanned out, and began approaching, guns ready. Then it all happened so quickly.

Sue aimed, and fired. One shot. Two shots. Three shots.

One of the headhunters screamed and clutched his stomach.

«Go, go!» Sue screamed.

They both got up, firing as they were, and then they ran away, as fast as they could.

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