Evan Hordvik

I thought I´d share a small snipped from Rift II (working title) with you guys today. It´s unedited, but I hope you will find some nuggets there, something to whet the appetite. Also, I have just installed Dragon, to try voice dictation. I have only tried it for a few minutes, and it would be unfair to make any sort of judgement at this time. I´ll see if I can train it, which most users say is necessary. More on that later.

For now, here´s a small piece of a larger conversation between Evan Hordvik and his father, a member of Strategos Command, and one of the most prominent figures in the Covenant.

«I have the reports from the campaign.» The older man said. His normally so stern face softened.

«You seem to have made a name for yourself up there. I´m proud of you, son. It seems you have stepped up, finally taken some responsibility. And not just for yourself, I hear.» Evan looked up and saw his eyes narrowing.

«I know what you did, saving that girl. Ah, well…. Love can make men do some really stupid things. Just don´t let me find out you´ve done something like that again. I covered for you once; I will not do it again.» Evan had trouble finding the words. His father had found out that he had helped Sue. And the man believed it was the action of a love sick boy! Let him think so; the alternative is far more dangerous, he thought to himself. Luckily, his father hadn´t discovered Mark Novak´s role in it, which would be catastrophic. Hordvik senior pushed an envelope across the desk, and motioned for Evan to open it, dismissing further conversation about Sue. Evan ripped the envelope open, and took out a short letter. New distinctions were pinned to the letter and he laid all of the contents on the desk.

«Seems you´ve earned a promotion.» his father said.

«Looks like you´re going to follow in your father´s footsteps after all.»

«So, you´re going to Luna again. That can only mean one thing, don´t you think?» Evan nodded. It was obvious that his next assignment would be the Luna Brigade, and it seeemed they wanted to train him for officer duty in this most elite unit of the Covenant. He loooked at his father, who now wore a broad smile.

«I knew you had it in you, Son. And it seems you´ve grown up for real this time.» Evan saw the pride in his father´s eyes, and knew he´d made his old man happy, for once. Evan didn´t say anything though; he had his own plans. Everybody thought they knew him, everyone believed they knew what he wanted and had their own expectations from him. But nobody controlled Evan. Nobody.

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  1. Jane lockwood

    Sooo sorry! I must have been successful after all! I HAVE Covenant in my Kindle library!! Apologies Andreas! Now to get to the book!!


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