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The Tunnel & The Tribe (Beyond the Tunnel, Book 1 & 2)

This book contains the two short stories The Tunnel and The Tribe, previously sold individually. 

The Tunnel 
What if you entered a tunnel one day, and when you reached the other side, everything had changed?

Would it be exciting? Confusing? Unbelievable? Or your worst nightmare?

Dave Randall leads an ordinary life with his family in the suburbs. Then one day, on his way to work, his car breaks down in the middle of a deep undersea tunnel. He doesn’t worry, but when time passes, and no other cars appear, he decides to walk through to the other side. When he reaches the exit, everything he ever knew about the world has changed, and he finds himself in a situation where he has no idea what to expect or what to do.

The Tunnel is a glimpse into a world where everything has changed, a world where nothing will ever be the same again.

The Tribe 
There are predators out there…

Dave Randall was just an ordinary guy, living with his family in the suburbs. One day, on his way to work, his car broke down inside a tunnel, and everything changed. Now he’s trying to survive in a new world, and the future is more uncertain than ever.

Still trying to come to terms with being separated from his family, Dave has found hope and companionship in his friends. Now those hopes are threatened by a group who call themselves The Tribe. Dave and his companions decide to fight back, but something goes horribly wrong.

In a world where only the strong survive, predators rule…

Book categories: short reads and tunnel