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The Complete Exodus Trilogy

This is the complete omnibus edition of the Exodus Trilogy, which has captivated readers all over the world. 

When an object threatens human civilization it becomes clear that humanity needs to venture to the stars. With just a few years of warning, this will be a race against time, and only a small number of colonists can be saved.

In an America turned authoritarian, a small group of people draws up their plans to change not this world, but the next. The confrontation seems inevitable, but who will prevail, and at what cost?

A world divided makes their separate plans. Some will fail, some will prevail, and some will stay hidden until the time comes to unveil their plans and schemes. In desperate times, humanity will show it’s darker side, and even the best of intentions can result in the worst of outcomes. Will human ability for compassion and unity rise up, or succumb to fear and ruthlessness under pressure?

And when the starship Exodus leaves for distant Aurora, more than 40 light years away, nobody knows that this journey will end up answering some of humanity’s greatest and oldest questions: 
Who are we? Are we alone? Where do we come from? 

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