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Tacticus (a Rift Saga companion novella)

Tacticus: Non-commissioned officer rank in the Janissaries. Generally the highest rank available to non-citizens. Equivalent to sergeant.

Tacticus Laurie White from Charlestown is a Janissary, a slave soldier, and he´s about to go to war.

Laurie is part of an elite recon unit about to infiltrate enemy territory ahead of the coming invasion force, and his mission is to scout and observe. Janissary recon is the eyes and ears of the Brigade, and thousands of lives rest upon the completion of their mission.

As they head for the aircraft, to be inserted deep behind enemy lines, Laurie expects this to be one of the toughest assignments he has ever had. He is right…

“Andreas Christensen is a master storyteller!” –SteadyRollingMan, Amazon reviewer

Tacticus is a Rift Saga companion novella, and is set at the same time as the concluding events of “Legacy”.


Book categories: riftsaga and short reads