Back to normal

I´ve been an on-and-off writer this summer, with vacation time at home with the family, two weeks in Greece, my own 40th birthday (Yes I do think it´s worth celebrating! No crisis here! Yet!). Except for finally finishing up Explorer, the Genesis companion novella, writing has suffered from me spending time on almost everything except.. You guessed it: Writing.

So, just to give you guys an update, it´s back to normal for me again. That means I´m back to actual writing, I´ll try to stick to my once a week schedule for these blog posts (every monday), and I´ll finally reply to all those emails I´ve got flagged in my inbox…

Oh, and the selfie (yes, I had to do it) is taken in Chania, on Crete, Greece. Wonderful place that we tend to return to every now and then. The picture is taken from one of the harbor tavernas, just before sunset. Great memories!

Okay, got some writing to do 🙂

One thought on “Back to normal

  1. Danny Taylor

    Glad you’ve had a good enjoyable and relaxing time out…and that your in the proper frame of mind now to write, write, write….Right!!!

    Looking forward to more great work to come!!


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