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A lot of people have asked me about when to read Impact, which was recently launched. I would say that you can read all my books in what I´d like to call the Aurora universe in the order they were published. Or you could read the Exodus Trilogy in order and the Rift Saga in order, and then go on to read the books that aren´t main installments of these series, but rather part of the universe I´ve set up (Alive, Explorer, Impact).

But for those of you who prefer to read them in the order they are meant to go in, once all the stories in the Aurora universe are told, this is how I´d do it:

  1. Exodus
  2. Alive
  3. Aurora
  4. Genesis
  5. Explorer
  6. Impact
  7. Rift
  8. Covenant
  9. Legacy (Coming summer 2016)
  10. X 1,2,3 (Names pending, first one coming Fall 2016)

Remember, there are no right and wrong here. You may even start with Rift, and then as you move along you´ll be curious as to how the world ended up this way, and decide to pick up the Exodus Trilogy to get more of the backstory. In doing so, you may focus on something completely different than someone who has read my books in the order they were published, and thus have a different experience. You may end up being surprised at different things than the reader who started with Exodus, or moved by a detail that didn´t mean the same for one of my original readers. In fact, it is curious how this might pan out, just based on different starting points. But I guess this is how the world works, and also, books…

Impact is out and doing very well. The reviews have been awesome, and some say it is my best book so far! You can find all the links right here.


6 thoughts on “Aurora universe reading order

  1. Wanderlei Santos

    Just reading the Exodus trilogy now, and was wondering if you were advising some orange-haired politician… Suddenly your story became more personal.

  2. Andy

    Hi, i just finished reading in 3 days all three books for exodus… Just could not put it down….

    I was wondering, will you develop Aurora Story further (i know its not easy to write my sister just published her book before Christmas, and already sold over 200 copies 😉 so i always put her web site on my private cooments)..

    But while i wait and se about Aurora and what happens to Lifebringer i guess i wil read the rest of your books 😉

    1. Andreas Post author

      Thanks Andy! Totally okay that you put your sister’s website up- tell her I said congrats on her first book, and that I’ll check out her website! So, about the Aurora universe, the answer is yes. Right now I have two books in the works, one companion novella for the Rift Saga and one novel that’s not related to any of my other books, but seems like it’s turning into a series. I do plan to write a new series in the Aurora universe though, once these other books are done.

      I do recommend that you read the Rift Saga, if you haven’t already. It might not be apparent at first, but it is deeply intertwined with the Exodus trilogy…

      1. Andy


        I started with rift saga on audiobook and its also really good, but there is nut much time for now cose i got baby a month ago (Amelie) and its taking all time.. listening now and then when i doo sime work that does not need my concentration


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