Another excerpt from Impact

Today I have another scene for you from my upcoming book, Impact. In this scene we follow Robert Marsden, the FBI agent who has taken his family out of the city, trying to find somewhere to weather the coming storm. Robert and his family have laid plans, but as we shall see, when disaster strikes even the best laid plans can fail.

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Here´s today´s scene:

Robert was driving slowly along the narrow, curvy road. His back was sore from the bumpy ride, and he looked forward to taking a nap, since he had been driving for twelve hours straight. Still, he remained vigilant, since they had seen too many armed men, not only police, but some “prepper” types and survivalists. There was no way to know what would be around the next bend.

Getting out of Columbus had taken almost two days. The roads were chaotic, and only when they managed to get off the interstate did it become more tolerable, meaning that the lines happened to be moving as opposed piling up. Robert vividly remembered several instances of shooting before they’d gotten off the interstate. Police patrols had come and taken entire families away, and Robert wondered if it would have been the same for him if he had stayed on. He also thought about Director Barron, who had gone missing a while back. It was always like this; the bigwigs get protected, while the little guy takes the fall.

They were closing in on the cabin by the lake. It was secluded, with its own water supply, and a stock of supplies built up over years. Robert had given it a lot of thought in the past few years, and he thought he had a decent idea of what was to come. If they got lucky, and Devastator let them survive, they might stand a chance. The cabin even had guns and a huge stash of ammo stowed away. Staying in the cabin would be much safer than remaining at home. Even if anyone survived in the cities, they would become war zones.

They turned the final curve, and the cabin came into view.

“It looks empty,” Liv said. Robert didn’t answer. He was scanning the surroundings, looking for anything out of the ordinary. The cabin was locked, of course, and hidden from view. Nevertheless, breaking in would not be impossible, or even particularly hard. Robert parked the car where the road ended, a hundred meters or so from the cabin.

“Stay in the car,” he said.

“I’m coming with you, Dad,” Kevin said.

Robert knew there was no way to hold his son back. “Keep the shotgun ready,” Robert said. Kevin nodded, and grabbed the shotgun from the overhead rack. Robert took out his own gun, clicked off the safety, and began walking toward the cabin.

They were half way to the cabin when four men and one woman stepped out the door. Two of the men held rifles, while the woman had a shotgun that looked just like Kevin’s.

“Stay right there,” the tallest man said.

Robert and Kevin stopped dead in their tracks. They both held their weapons ready, but not aimed, trying not to threaten the others.

“This is our cabin,” Robert said.

“Not anymore,” the man said, licking his lips. Robert could see beads of sweat on his forehead.

“Look man, there are enough supplies for all of us. You can have some, and then be on your way,” Robert said. He glanced over at Kevin, who looked nervous.

“Easy, Kevin,” he said. “Take your finger off the trigger.”

He looked back at the man who had spoken.

“We don’t want any trouble,” Robert said.

“Then don’t start any. We’re not giving the cabin away,” The man nodded toward the woman. “You see her? That’s Emma, my wife. She’s carrying my child, and I mean to protect them both. So you get the hell out here before I shoot you and your son.”

Robert didn’t really believe the man would take the chance on starting a firefight, but he couldn’t be sure. So he motioned for Kevin to stand down, and take a step back.

“All right, let’s all be very careful here. We all have people we love, so let’s all stay calm, and nobody gets hurt.” Robert had been in similar situations before, and knew that even the slightest spark could set off an explosion of violence, even when nobody meant to. But he needed to ask one more question, or they wouldn’t get much further.

“Just one thing, our fuel cells are all but spent. I know you have a few spare ones inside, so do you think you can spare one or two?”

The tall man seemed to be thinking, but the woman nodded affirmatively.

“Of course, sir. We’ll go get it.” She motioned for the two unarmed men to follow her into the cabin. Moments later she came out and stood beside her husband.

One of the men came carrying two fuel cells, while the other carried a crate of supplies. Both walked over and set everything down in front of Robert and Kevin, while the men by the cabin still trained their guns on them.

“Thank you,” Robert said.

“That’s the least we can do,” The woman replied. “I’m really sorry, but it’s everyone for themselves now. We’re just doing what we can to survive, and to protect the little one.”

What about my kids? Robert thought, but he refused to let despair getting the better of him.

Robert and Kevin took the supplies and secured them on the roof of the minivan. Then they got back inside. Robert set the car in reverse, and slowly backed up. As soon as they were out of sight, he found a place to turn around, and drove off, away from the cabin.

“What are we gonna do now?” Liv said. Robert shook his head. He had no idea. All their plans had gone up in smoke, but at least they were alive, and unscathed. For now.


Impact is on preorder sale, and if you get it now you can have it delivered to you on release day. You can also save a buck! For all the links, click here.

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  1. Sandra L Skibo

    Darn. First impression? You want to kick the crap out of these people that have taken over your cabin . But then that’ s my gut reaction based on my Irish mentality! Cant wait for rest of Impact! Good hook, Andreas



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