A few good reads

I’d like to tell you a little about some the books I’m reading at the moment. Just because there are some good books out there you may or may not have heard of. Also, if you like my books, you may like some of the books I read as well. Makes sense, doesn´t it?

Before we begin, let me just be clear that the links I use in this post are affiliate links. If you click them I get a small (read: tiny) commission from Amazon. This is something I plan on putting on my books pages as well. I don´t make a lot of money that way (we´re talking cents here), but this kind of links provide statistics that can be very valuable for my books pages, and allows me to test if the book descriptions work well, or if I need to change something.

First, let me just say I tend to read several books simultaneously, both fiction and non- fiction. So let’s just stick with fiction for now.

Many people think that because I wrote the Exodus Trilogy, I tend to like hard scifi or space opera, and they´re partially right. I do love books like the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson, but I also enjoy books that are very different. One of the genres that I find really interesting is what can be classified as young adult dystopian scifi, such as the Hunger Games, or Divergent, and I just finished The Scorch Trials which is a sequel to The Maze Runner. All very well written and entertaining (even to those of us who can hardly be called young adult…), and I believe many young readers who haven´t read scifi before, might discover what rich worlds exist within the realms of speculative fiction because of the popularity of such books (and of course, their movie adaptations).

Also there are some books, especially among indie authors, that defies strict genre divisions. One of these authors is Blake Crouch, the man behind the Wayward Pines series, which is now adapted for television, and running on Fox. I haven´t seen the TV version, and might not for a while, but the books are just awesome. I remember reading his novel RUN a few years ago, and I absolutely loved the concept. It´s not purely science fiction, not purely thriller, not purely horror, but something… somewhere in between. Because of that book I decided to pick up Pines, the first in his Wayward Pines series, and just like RUN, it´s something outside of the typical genres. I really should´t mention genre at all with this book, because that sort of spoils it a little bit!

I have so many books that I´d love to recommend, and I´ll probably post about some of them from time to time. If you´ve read one of the books above, why not leave a comment and tell me what you thought of it?

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